RCN Business


Contact: Lou Schirripa

Phone: (617) 596-2843

Email: lou.schirripa@rcn.net

Website: https://www.rcn.com/business/

Address: 956 Mass Ave, Arlington Ma 02476

Company Description

Any size, any speed, anywhere—RCN Business has a data Internet solution for you. We provide flexible, scalable technology available across our wholly-owned, fiber-rich network.

Business Internet Services for:
Small/Medium Business
Large/Enterprise Business

Cost effective options for businesses of all sizes and needs, including intuitive call features to stay better connected with customers, suppliers and employees.

Business Phone with Call Manager

Hosted Voice for Business:
Small/Medium Business
Large/Enterprise Business

Business Trunks

From large-scale and facility-wide solutions, to customer entertainment and keeping employees informed, RCN Business offers customizable video solutions and programming for business of all sizes.

Business TV Packages
Education and Hospitality TV Solutions
Video Technology