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Contact: Susan Rochwarg

Phone: (978) 470-2048



Address: 138 River Road, Andover MA 01810

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Company Description

You want much more than a taxi-driver, and are turned off by typical selling tactics. At Susan Sells, we have a long-standing reputation for getting the job done, as our name ‘Susan Sells’ says. What we get are extraordinary results; the best buyer match when you sell and a made-for-you house match when you buy. Many of our clients make the investment in themselves, their family, their future with a real estate investment. We can do all that. Our 34 years in local real estate gives you an outstanding advantage. We believe the inspiration of life just right changes lives. We happen to broker real estate. The ‘team’ behind the Team is made up of Marketing experts, time-tested service providers, full-time commitment, and real people. And we sell 100% of our listings.