Swampscott Neighbor’s


Contact: Galeryl Godfrey

Phone: (781) 913-1211

Email: galerylgodfrey@gmail.com

Website: http://www.routeonebng.com

Address: Swampscott MA

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Company Description

Swampscott Neighbor’s brand and market clients through our frequent and consistent monthly magazine that reaches the most affluent upscale neighbors in Swampscott, MA. We provide the residents with their own private, high-end monthly magazine, that deliberately brings about consciousness towards small, medium and large businesses that supports and wants to do business within the community.

We maintain a deliberate presence that allows for businesses, over time and through frequent and consistent ads, editorials and full page business profiles, to build authenticity; credibility; integrity; and respect towards companies that sponsors ads within the magazine. This in turn takes roots, builds trust and companies become branded in the minds of our residents. This then also elevates companies to the next level through top of mind awareness of who they are and the services they provide.

Our magazines are mailed throughout the community and we gauge our success through residents and clients’ feedback.

Swampscott Neighbor support businesses both near and far and loves to do business and support those that supports them.