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Virtual Reality Advertising

Augmented and Virtual Reality can be huge assets to a business looking for creative ways to reach their customers. At Route One BNG, we can help you create immersive advertising experiences to attract customers and keep them engaged with your media. Our premier product offering is advertising in Route One Magazine, with Augmented Reality (AR) ads. Partnering with GraVoc, we can create a unique advertising experience that makes your Route One Magazine ad literally come to life.

There are many different elements you can add to your Route One Magazine virtual ad including videos, 3D objects, calendar events, photo albums and more! Ads can be completely customized to meet your business needs. These elements can also enhance other print media including business cards, brochures, and flyers. Get ready to wow your customers and drive business with virtual advertising!

Product Options

There are many ways you can use augmented and virtual reality for your business. Choose from the following options for your immersive advertising experience:

  • Virtual Newspaper Ad
  • Virtual Brochure
  • Virtual Business Contact Card
  • Virtual Flyer

Download the Zappar app and scan the Zapcodes on the samples below to see what you can do with AR and VR!


Use your Zappar app to scan the GraVoc sample below and watch it come to life!

Video Advertising & Video of The Week

Looking for More Information?

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