Yayi’s Juice & Smoothies

Contact: Ya

Phone: (857) 391-6445

Email: yayisjuicebar@gmail.com

Website: https://yayisjuice.com/

Address: 306 Central St .. Saugus MA

Company Description

At Yayi’s juice & smoothies, every choice you make is a healthy one! Our story began with a simple mission: to make it easier and more enjoyable to take care of yourself. Our passion led us to opening up our shop, where we are now known for our good-for-you smoothies, savory sandwiches, fresh in-season produce, and other healthy treats. We wake up every day before the sun rises to hand-pick the freshest natural ingredients. Each of our menu items have been designed and made in-house, so you can have peace of mind that you’re making the healthiest and the tastiest choice.