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SURPRISE!!! I am home. About the middle of the day on Friday (notice that it was a Friday the 13th), the corporate offices of Norwegian Cruise Line cancelled all cruises scheduled to begin in the next couple of weeks because of the pending worldwide crisis of the coronavirus. Since I was scheduled to begin the second cruise in my back-to-back cruises yesterday (Saturday, March 14), my cruise was cancelled. That left me stranded in Santiago, Chile. Norwegian provided computers, WIFI availability, and phones for those on the ship to use to change their travel plans. (There were over 300 people on the ship who were doing the back-to-back.) I contacted Amy Delia, my travel agent at Cruise Travel Outlet, to see if she could get me home from Chile. Amy is a miracle worker!!! She was able to get me a seat on an overnight, nonstop, 10 hour flight (all seats on the flight were taken) from Santiago to DFW last night/early this morning. Although I will miss being unable to go to more ports in Chile, two ports in Peru, through the Panama Canal from south to north, and a port in Costa Rico, I had a wonderful cruise from Buenos Aires, to Montevideo, Uruguay, to several ports in Argentina (including the southern-most city in the world), the Falkland Islands, around the southern tip of South America (Cape Hope), and to Santiago and a few other ports in southern Chile. If you are ever in need of an excellent travel agent, I highly recommend to you Amy Delia at Cruise Travel Outlet. I will send travel pictures later. For now, I want some sleep—didn’t get too much last night on the flight. – Charles from TX


I want to thank you and the Staff at Cruise Travel (Laura and Katy) for the help in getting us home from our Oceania cruise.  We were to fly home on April 14 from Tokyo but when notice of the trip being cut short on Feb. 20th, that we were being diverted to Dubai to disembark on 3/4, your email to offer help to re-book our flights (that we had booked on our own) was happily accepted.  In the 90 minutes from our initial response, while we went and enjoyed dinner, to the 2nd email that we had new flights home on 3/4, took a huge load off our mind.  How were were going to do in without phone service and spotty ship internet service.  We were home late the night of 3/4 and made it without any illness.  Having run a  business for over  40 years I was able to appreciate that your level of customer service was spectacular.  Your subsequent offer to help any friends we met onboard was also  very appreciated.  Thanks again for your help. – Rick from MA