Why be a part of Route One Original Marketing Group?

Tom O’Hare – Get College Going and Pivotal College Years

Becoming One means joining a group focused on your business, helping you promote your story and meet new clients. Whether it is learning about businesses through the Rt. 1 Magazine, attending regular events, or growing your referral list, the team at Rt 1 BNG is working for its members. Glad I became one.

Joe Planz-Owner, Immaculate Cleaning Company

If I were to define Route One Business Networking Group, I would define it as the following:

Route 1 BNG-A high value business network that provides plenty of connections to business owners of the North Shore. A group of people with similar goals and values as business owners, and a network that I have benefitted in being a part of as a result. Plenty of fun networking events, Friday morning coffee sessions, and opportunities posted in the Facebook group. Along with the ROUTE 1 BNG newspaper, there are multiple cost-effective ways that this group will help you get your name out there and gain exposure in the area. Lastly, a supportive group in which business owners can share their peaks and valleys of operating through the difficulties that have arisen in the past couple of years.

JoBo’s Let It Go

Route One BNG for me is more than a networking group.

The people and businesses that make up the core of this group are not only great businesses but great people.

Rick cares about the people in his group and does everything he can to help his people succeed.

I highly recommend Route One BNG!

Great organization, great people and great leader!

Kraig Bloom, IMS Barter New England Inc.

Route One BNG and Rick have been a key partnership in my Business Networking throughout the North Shore. Rick runs the Best Events and works with some amazing small businesses who we have partnered up with over the years.

Terry Cappuccio President My MAD Packers

BNG…A very cool and engaging group of businesses within a thousand miles! Directed by Rick DeSanctis whose commitment to small business and unbridled enthusiasm for genuine connections and relationships has captured the attention of individuals and organizations everywhere! BNG is a must join! It’s simply where you belong!

Tony Speziale at Tax Shop & Financial Center

I really enjoy the networking events. They are fun and eventful. The partnerships that are created are invaluable. Looking forward to a great 2018!

Bruce Aleo, Done Right Landscaping

Rick is by far the best networker, promoter and all around genuine person you’ll ever work with.

We go back a long long way and through the years I have always had the best experiences and results from working with Rick. I try to make it at all his events, because you never know what doors it will open up for you and your business.

Rick is a guaranteed game changer, the shortcut from where you are now and where you want to be.
Thanks for everything Rick!

Nicole Winnett, Branch Manager at People’s United Bank

I was fortunate to meet Rick at a networking event that was referred to me by another member of the BNG and I was blown away at the crowd and how engaging the event was. I knew this was a group I wanted to be part of. Rick is someone who is dedicated to help businesses succeed and prosper. I highly recommend this group.

Jennifer Richtsmeier, SolarCIty

Rick does a wonderful job of keeping the energy high and the environment fun! He is incredibly passionate about connecting people to the businesses and resources they need. His networking events are always lots of fun, well-attended, and a great way to build business relationships! Here’s to many more years of networking 🙂

Chris, Cofounder at American Bench Craft

We’ve been participating in Route 1 BNG events since our infancy and it’s been integral to our growth. We either get tables at all networking events, or if we can’t get a table, we attend and donate products and goods. Rick and everyone at Route 1 BNG has been so helpful in spreading word about our company, which has allowed us to grow and expand. Could not be more pleased with all Route 1 BNG has done for us.

Daniela D’Addio, Operations Manager, Law Office of Colonna & Doyle

Rick has the solution for getting your business noticed, whether it’s advertising in his newspapers or to attending his events. He is talented, creative and out of the box thinker. We have found we could not go wrong with working with Rick. Our firm has always appreciated the business we get from him and know it’s a result of his hard work.

Daniela D’Addio, Operations Manager
Law Office of Colonna & Doyle

Tina from the The Salon CC – Peabody

BNG is a great way to get your business out there! Rick does a great job at getting us all together to network with each other. You never know what he’s going to come up with next, but it’s always fun and interesting.

My business has certainly benefited from his events. I’ve only been in business 2 years and I’ve been with BNG since the beginning. I have gained several new clients through this networking and his publication of “The Route One” newspaper.

Paul Devoe – RTN Federal Credit Union

Rick is a great guy, and the perfect guy to run a networking group. He always puts a different spin on his events. I have heard people say “I have never been to an event like this before”. I have already made several connections to help grow my business, and at the same time I help them. Joining Route one BNG was one of the better decisions I have made this year.

Dennis Serpone~~www.NERestaurantBrokers.com

Nice job,Rich.
I’ve made some excellent contacts and am doing business with several.
Looking forward to your next event.

Tom Heidgerd, Secure Data Payment Systems

Signing up with RouteOneBNG has been one of the best business moves I’ve ever made. In exchange for practically no money, networking opportunities and new contacts for referrals immediately went up by 1000%. Rick DeSanctis is a powerhouse of a creative leader and always dreaming up more ways to engage all members of the group. The people you meet are well informed, diverse and energetic and very open to forming alliances and relationships that can build business. Our monthly meet and greets are scattered at a variety of our restauranteur members and fun and without pressure. Coupled with Rick’s newspaper and now the growing website presence, I challenge everyone to find a better investment than that.

Rob Baker, Director of Pre-planning Services – The Catholic Cemetery Association/Archdiocese of Boston

Membership in The Route One Business Networking Group is probably one of the best investments I have made. Due to the large territory our organization covers, I need to be selective with our budget and with what groups we join. I have declined membership in many “chambers” due to their poor return on investment. The Route One BNG’s network of members is spread throughout a wider community and the events are always well organized and attended. The relationships we have made are invaluable!

Cath Fonzo, LMT Synchronicity Massage

As a small business owner, I have a limited budget for marketing. I’m 100% sure I made the right choice in Route One BNG.Collectively, the Marketplace, events, and newspaper all managed by Rick have been a winning combination for me. I’ve forged many solid connections within the group and my business has benefitted from reputable referrals. Always professional without the pressure Route One BNG put me in touch with just the right people. Rick is honest and genuinely cares about every business in this group,no matter how small or large. Its great to be part of this fast growing group of professionals.

Arnie, GraVoc Associates

It’s really been great working with Route One BNG and Rick! His networking group is really different than the others I’ve seen. He helps everyone to work together and obtain new business.