New England Trade

Contact: Gary Oshry

Phone: (781) 388-9200



Address: 926 Eastern Ave, Malden, MA 02148

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Company Description

Join New England’s LARGEST and Longest Established (Since 1980) Business Trade Exchange!
Bartering is a simple and easy way to bring new customers to your business. Since 1980, New England Trade, Inc. has been a leader in business-to-business barter, and is one of the top barter exchanges in the country. As the oldest independently owned and operated trade exchange in New England, members gain a competitive edge over their competition by using barter to attract new business, move excess inventory, offset cash expenses, increase revenue, and reward employees.
*We offer a Alternate Form of Currency! Imagine a business system where every time you spend a dollar, you are guaranteed a dollar back in “New Unsolicited Business.” That’s New England Trade!
*New England Trade, Inc. members simply agree to accept an alternate form of currency as payment – Trade Dollars.
*We provide Unrivaled Support
*A New England Trade, Inc. “Trade Broker” works with you to bring your company new sales and increase market share.
*New England Trade, Inc. provides you with an additional distribution network with over 1,800 card holders, continuously growing.
KEY POINT: Our Members are free to purchase ANY product or service within our network – they do not have to accept each others merchandise directly.
HAVE QUESTIONS? Call us direct at 781-388-9200